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The magnetic field therapy device Magnetek allows home therapy with a state-of-the-art device and the utmost operating comfort.

Currently, magnetic field therapy as pulsed magnetic field therapy (PMFT) with the possibilities of modern electronics is of high interest and strong demand for the gentle treatment of a large number of modern world diseases

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PMFT is ideal for the treatment at home since no harmful side effects are to be expected. The mechanism of action is based on the influence on the metabolism of the body cells through the pulsed magnetic field with the aim of regulating and normalising imbalances. For stimulating the body`s self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms, already a relatively low strength of the magnetic field is sufficient.

Magnet therapy - some facts

The influence of the electromagnetic field on our state of health and the balance of our organism is still being researched today. There are many different kinds of magnet therapies. The therapeutic effect of the magnetic field therapy is well researched both in contemporary medicine and by the method of natural healing.
The pains are being caused by various rheumatic diseases, obtuse tissue damage and some other forms of indisposition, whose cause and symptoms are often unattainable for the usual healing methods. One of the main signs of almost all diseases is pain - psychic and physical discomfort.

How does the magnetotherapy work?

The use of the magnetic field shows the increased amount of oxygen being used in the tissue. This results in enhanced cell breathing and therefore accelerated and improved cell renewal. The falling potentials of the cell membrane are fixed and the prescribed pH- value is balanced. So we can call it in the true sense of the word ‘a natural healing regenerative therapy`. It stabilizes the vegetative nervous system and it is also used to quicken the osteosynthesis of broken bones. Damaged and troubled tissue regenerates more thoroughly with the help of the appropriate magnetic lines of force. Bruises and swellings disappear faster. It was found out from experience that the magnetic field strengthens the chance of recovery at paradontal operations and prevents the loosening of teeth. Magnetic field therapy goes well together with acupuncture, laser and herbs.

Fields of application of the magnetic field therapy:

Pain relieving, rheumatism, gout, pains in the small of the back, osteoporosis, arthrosis, thrombosis, prostate, potency disorder, spine, disturbance of the circulation of the blood, allergies, neurodermitis, muscle ache, indigestion, poliarthritis, injuries of intervertebra discs. As a support to dieting, renewal of cells.
Magnets increase the circulation, help at transportation of oxygen in blood and destroy poisons and therefore help the body to heal itself naturally, as it encourages the self-healing of the organism.

Some facts:

Every nerve impulse in the human body is transferred with a weak current, produced by the cells. Each out of 70 billion cells in our body contains the electro-polarized particles (ions), which react to it. These processes are extremely important for the oxygen and energy supply of the cells. But physical damage and diseases can cause the irregular flow of these weak electric currents. Pulsating magnetic fields can repair such disturbance in the cells from the outside. Tissue supply is bettered, so the tissue also regenerates with the help of magnetic fields...

Can anyone use the magnetotherapy healing, or are there any exceptions?

Therapy is suitable for children also!
The only exceptions are pregnant women (it is unclear how the magnetic forces influence the foetus) and patients with the ‘pacemaker`.

Is it perhaps especially recommended/effective in certain cases?

It is possible to prove a higher level of cortisone (which prevents the inflammation of the joints) after the magnetic field therapy of patients that suffer from rheumatism. Prof. dr. Alexander Henneberg, director of the Parkinson`s disease clinic Bad Neuheim, Germany, found out that the magnetotherapy increases the motoric skills and significantly improves the concentration in 1/3 of the patients.
Dr. Padberg, psychiatrist at the University Clinic of Munich, says: »With transcranial magnetic stimulation, a special form of magnetic field therapy, we can achieve a great improvement of mood in 40-50% of new patients suffering from depression. Long-term depression is improved in 20-30% of patients.«
The fact is, that the magnetic field affects all kinds of pain. Magnetic forces amortize a part of the vegetative nervous system, which carries the impulse of pain. Both pulsating and static fields are effective, so the pains can be soothed by wearing magnets in the form of patches, belts, strips...

How much time must pass before the magnetic therapy starts working?

It differs. Many feel the first positive effects after a few days already. Some feel the changes after 2-3 weeks. Besides the fact that everyone reacts and feels differently, the speed and scope of improvement also depends on the kind of problem a patient has and its duration. The first signs of the effective therapy are the boost of energy and better overall state of health.

Are there any side effects?

Very few feel slight nausea. It is important that you drink a lot of liquids (water, and not soft drinks, coffee or other liquids) during the magnet therapy.

When and who can use the PMF therapy?

Its use is versatile, as we mentioned before - the therapy has no side effects. Healthy persons use it to maintain prime condition and increase their physical and psychological potential. Its use is strongly recommended when you are ill, the sick cell will have more chances to heal with the help of electromagnetic field. The use of PMF is recommended after any kind of bone and soft tissue damage (the healing is 30-40% faster), the therapy is recommended to diabetes patients, arthritis patients, stroke patients and other medical conditions. The therapy is very efficient at pain control, as it has a proven pain relieving effect (because of the change of the electromagnetic potential of the cell membrane and by this of the permeability for the pain receptors agents).
Therapeutic effect lasts up to 8 hours, so we can repeat the therapy a few times a day. We must stress the importance of the sufficient intake of water if we wish to achieve the desired effect.
The PMF therapy is viewed, for now, as a self-paying treatment, in some places abroad the costs of magnet resonance therapy are refunded by the health exchequer.
But there are definitely some of us, who have the info on the possibilities and effects of PMF and are happy to pass on the information, where you will be able to test the therapies and check the effects.

Some common diseases where magnetic therapy proved to be the most effective:

Arthrosis of joints (hip, knee),
arthritis, rheumatic diseases,
• cervical syndrome - the area of the cervical spine,
• lumbalis -acute pains in the small of the back,
ishialgis - inflammation of spine vertebra,
osteomyelitis, osteoporosis,
osteohondrosis -the subsiding of spine vertebra,
• aterosclerosis,
• arrythmia of the heart,
• heart attack,
• heart insufficiency - heart failure,
• stroke,
• multiple sclerosis,
• neurosis,
• sleep disorder,
• stress,
• damage to the spinal cord,
• vertigo,
• hyper and hypo tension,
asthma, bronchitis,
• pneumonia,
• emphysema of the lungs,
• gastritis - inflammation of the stomach mucous membrane,
• gallstones,
kidney diseases (kidney stone and kidney pains),
• inflammation of the urinary bladder,
• inflammation of the pancreas,
• flu,
• hypertrophy of the prostate,
• epilepsy,
• neuralgia,
Parkinson`s disease,
• endometriosis,
• cysts and inflammation of the ovaries,
• climacteric troubles,
• constipation,
• inflammation of the large intestine,
• diverticulitis,
• stomach ulcer,
• heartburn,
• nausea and vomiting,
carpal tunnel syndrome,
• knee injuries,
• bone fracture,
• cataract,
• astigmatism, buzzing in the ears,
• psoriasis,
• eczema,
• acne,
• appendicitis,
• stress,
• burn-out syndrome,
• concentration disorder,
• fear and panic attacks,
• forgetfulness related to old age,
Alzheimer`s disease.


- Avoid smoking at least an hour before and after the therapy because nicotine causes the narrowing of veins.
- Drink a glass of water before the therapy. During the therapy it is necessary to drink at least 2 Ltrs of water daily.
- Regular nutrition rich in minerals and vitamins.
- Regular use of the magnetic field 

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