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By HIGH TECH HEALTH, The Ultralieve Pro (Ultrasound device) CLASS 11a MEDICAL DEVICE - PERSONAL ULTRASOUND TREATMENT helps Relieve Pain, Reduce Inflammation, Reduce Muscle Spasm, Accelerate Healing , Increase Range Of Motion


  • Accelerate healing fast, 5-15 minutes treatment, Pain free application
  • Used by Health Professionals, Easy to use at home


  • Sports injury, Headache, Back and neck pain, Shoulder injury or pain
  • Sciatica pain, Arthritis pain, Knee pain and injury
  • Sprains and strains, Foot pain, Plantar facilities

Ultralieve Pro is drug free, safe and medically proven to promote healing and alleviate the pain from aches, strains and muscle tension. Ultralieve® is a Class 2a Medical Device that will change the way you treat your pain forever. Next time pain strikes, reach for Ultralieve® and start feeling better today! Ultralieve® can help treat conditions using ultrasound such as tendonitis, chronic pain, muscle spasms, aches/pains, bursitis, heel spurs, back ache, ligament strains, nerve root pain, sports injuries and post aid recovery. Ultralieve® uses Ultrasound technology to provide targeted pain relief and healing where you need it most.

How does Ultralieve® work on getting me better?

The device sends out sound waves at 1Mhz per second (this equates to 1 million times per second). The Ultrasonic waves penetrate deep into the tissue to stimulate and promote healing of the muscles, tendons and ligaments Enhance absorption of analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents by tissue below the skin Reduce trigger point pain, the causes of headache, backache and all other types of muscular soft tissue `overuse` syndrome Great

Ultralieve® will deliver 1 million vibrations per second (1MHz) pulsed ultrasound waves with varying intensity levels deep into damaged tissues and is scientifically and medically proven device to treat a range of medical conditions.

Prof Tim Watson, Professor of Physiotherapy at the University of Hertfordshire says "One of the therapeutic effects for which ultrasound has been used is in relation to tissue healing. It is suggested that the application of ultrasound to injured tissues will, amongst other things, speed the rate of healing and enhance the quality of the repair."

Ultralieve® Pro has been designed to be used in the comfort of your own home (please note device is mains powered only). Ultralieve® Pro is:

  • Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand

  • Easy to use ‘one touch’ controls

  • Mains powered with auto shut-off when the treatment has finished

  • Wipe clean transducer head

  • 1 Mhz – medical Class IIa device – as used by health professional

  • Safe, drug free pain management

  • Includes easy to follow instruction manual with quick start up guide menu

Treatment Gel: 1 Large Ultralieve® Ultrasound Treatment Gel 250ml

Product information

Please note that you should only use Ultralieve® with ultrasound gel.

Ultralieve® ultrasound gel is specially formulated to act as a conductor between the ultrasound waves and your skin - this enables the ultrasound waves to be transmitted deep below the skin`s surface for optimum results; thus increasing the effectiveness of your Ultralieve® device. The cooling conductive gel conducts Ultralieve® ultrasound energy waves deep into the tissue to:

Accelerate healing, Relieve pain, Reduce inflammation, Soothing sensation

Each large Ultralieve® Ultrasound Gel (250ml) will allow between 20 - 30 applications. The conductive gel can either be placed directly onto the skin or on the transducer head of the device. Please check your instruction manual for further details.

Always follow the specific treatment advice for your injury or ailment as detailed in the Ultralieve® instruction manual. Apply a liberal amount of Ultralieve gel directly to the treatment area or on the Ultralieve device transducer head. Rub continuously in a circular motion with the Ultralieve transducer and reapply if necessary.
Wipe gel from transducer head after treatment using a tissue or towel.

To get the most out of the Ultralieve device, it is essential the Ultralieve gel is always used in order to transmit the ultrasound waves.
For external use only; do not use on broken skin. Discontinue use if rash or irritation occurs.

Customer Reviews

At last - something that works. I have tennis elbow and had to stop playing due to the pain. I now feel well enough to start playing again.  Well worth the cost. J Guiness - Guildford

Used by Olympics Athlete - Sarah Webb (OBE) Double Gold Medalist

Athens 2004 Olympics “Our physiothrapist uses Ultrasound therapies on our injuries when he can see us regularly enough . I also use ULTRALIEVE PRO, a persoanl  ulrasound device suitable for home use betweeen treatments when I am away from my physiotherapists, to speed my recovery”

Used by Health Professionals – Leza Dickson B.Ost (Bachelor of Osteopathy) The Natural Black Clinic)

“ULTRALIEVE PRO is an excellenet way to reduce inflammation, strains and pulls whilst at home – my patients have found it beneficial and works great in between visits to my clinic”

Recommended by Dr Hilar Jones

“ I used ULTRALIEVE PRO, a new home Ultrasound Device, for treating my injuries when I was competing in ITV’s Dancing On Ice. It really helped speed my revovery from knocks and strains I experienced whilst mastering the challening art of Ice Skating”

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