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EMS Circulation Pro
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EMS Circulation Pro (Electro Muscle Stimulation)
With FREE Slimming Belt Totally British Brand
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HealthCare Technologies UK (HCT)  - New UK Brand
EMS Circulation Pro is the most advanced Blood Circulation Improvement Device
on the market today. It is better than most and has been proven very effective.
HCT (UK) is introducing this device to the UK market.
If you suffer from poor circulation, then EMS Circulation Pro is the answer.
It can greatly help improve your health and day to day activities, thereby improving
the quality of life.
As one of the more advanced functions, we have also incorporated the Infra-Red
Heat Therapy to speed up the Circulation Improvement process.

Also included in the box is a Slimming Belt that can be used to tone and
slim down the waist line that can be caused due to slackening periods of
physical movement. The Slimming Belt plugs into the main device and works with
Electro Muscle Stimulation. The device is light, portable and easy to use. The
T.E.N.S. pads can be used to treat other body ached and pains.

Included in the Box:

1Main EMS Unit

4 pairs of Electrodes Pads

2 pairs of Electrodes Cables

1 Remote Control

1 Slimming Belt

1 Mains plug.

*25 Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Therapy Programs

*Alleviate aching feet, legs and ease body pains

*Incorporating Infra-Red Heat Therapy

*Reduce swollen feet and ankles


Health benefits

improve blood circulation in the body, promote formation of new blood cells,
in the feet and ankles, enhance body muscles, strengthen and balance the b
io-electromagnetic fields
in the body. Improved blood circulation can enhance the body’s immune system
with improved 
ability, enhanced neuro receptor cells and much more.

pulse treatment uses controlled electrical current through the IC controlled 
chip fitted in the device
to control the EMS pulse. Depending on the individual 
requirements, different
settings can be applied. The device is pre-set for 25 minutes. However, in most
cases, results can be felt with a 
10 to 20 minute daily session.  Below
are some of the benefits of this treatment.

Ø  EMS therapy treatment is painless and
totally safe

Ø  Improves blood circulation in the body, reduces
fatigue and eases muscle pain

Ø  Helps reduce pain caused by rheumatism, relaxes
tensed muscles and improves sleep patterns

Ø  Reduces discomfort due to heavy legs
and inactivity

Ø  Helps control blood pressure, increases
lymph flow and collagen production

Ø  Repairs damaged cells, improves cells
generation and increases oxygen volume

Ø  Improved blood circulation leads to improved


main function is to carry nutrients and oxygen to cells. 
If this system is not
functioning well, it can lead to a variety of diseases, such as 
rheumatoid arthritis, limb
paralysis, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, 
frozen shoulder, sciatica and other
degenerative diseases.

Infrared Thermal Function simulates subcutaneous effect and 
can help expand blood
vessels, increase 
flow and restore the microcirculation.

waves, human cells and theory of cell 

is the fundamental unit in the formation of humans and animals. The nucleus is
the chemical 
of protein, fat, sugar, phosphorus, calcium and water. This theory is very
complex and even the scientists have not thoroughly understood it 
so far. These compositions
produce a chemical reaction and physiological 
function - "Bio-electromagnetics."

to scientists and researchers, new cells are round, the older cells are
triangular, and senescent cells are triangular with small bubbles. The cells
with higher level of bubbles
more debilitating.

Cells activity is due to the electrons and the cells regeneration depends on
electrons. Round cells contain the largest number of electrons, 
triangular cells contain
fewer and the triangles with bubbles contain the smallest

same theory also applies to blood cells in 
bone marrow cells. Therefore cells containing
more electrons have a higher 
renewable power. In
order to maintain cell activity, the electromagnetic waves can make the cells
produce more electrons
Therefore, magnetizing the human cells to promote vitality is one of medical
science`s most important achievements.


Ø  Improve blood circulation

Ø  Reduce swollen feet and ankles

Ø  Reduce aching muscles and limbs

Ø  Reduce heavy legs

Ø  Reduce body pain

Ø  Reduce rheumatoid arthritis

Ø  Ease tense muscles and stress

Ø  Feeling of total relaxation

Ø  Ease discomfort due to poor circulation or
lack of activity

Ø  It can greatly improve the lives of busy
young people too


Please avoid the use of this device or the T.E.N.S. pads, if you have
any of the following conditions;

Ø  Pregnant (any stage of it)

Ø  Suffer from heart disease

Ø  Fitted with a pace maker or any other cardiac implant device

Ø  Suffer from DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)

Ø  Epilepsy

Ø  Suffer from internal or external bleeding

Ø  Broken or infected skin

Ø  Avoid use during menstruation cycle

Ø  Fitted with artificial limbs containing metal elements

Ø  Do not use T.E.N.S. pads on eyes, genitals, and infected or bleeding
body tissue or skin

If in doubt, we always recommend that you should consult with your GP
prior to using this device, T.E.N.S. pads or the slimming belt.

Package Size: L41*H41*W31cm

Weight: 2 Kgs

Customer reviews:

Farah C from Bristol 

I bought
this for my mum who suffers from bad circulation, cold feet and swelling on her
feet and ankles. I am surprised how quickly she is starting to realise the
benefits of its use. She has only used it since about a week ago. She is ever
so happy and now feels a lot more energetic and active. I believe she is using
it once daily for around 20 minutes and is intent on using it on a regular

Patricia from Bucks

Circulation Pro has changed my daily routine dramatically. I have suffered from
fatigue, swollen feet and general feeling of being unwell due to tiredness for
a long time now and nothing seems to have worked. I feel my legs quite heavy at
times. I am using this device daily and feeling the benefits. My husband has
also tried the T.E.N.S. for pain around his shoulders due to the nature of his
work. He feels ever so thankful.

Sandra Kendall from Yorkshire

I have had
lots of scepticism about products like these and if these ever worked. My
husband has been asking me to try a Circulation Improvement Device for some
time now. I work all day and often due to lack of activity, I feel discomfort
in my lower legs and feet, I have also noticed swelling and discoloration
around my lower legs, which I believe is due to poor circulation. I would like
to thank my husband for recommending this device to me. My evenings are a lot
more comfortable now. The slimming belt is a pure bonus and the T.E.N.S pads
work extremely well on my lower back pain.



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