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Upholstery: Genuine Leather (L-20)

Massage System: Keyton SensorFT2 ®

Keyton Class is a design that combines the classic lines of the most elegant chairs with more avant-garde forms, making it a massage chair that defines the surrounding area. The arms of this chair are particularly elegant, with a combination of curved and straight lines. The understated sophistication of this design is enhanced even further by the option of finishing the arms in lacquer, wood or grain leather.

Additional Option

Keyton Class Swarovski

With CRYSTALLISED Swarovski Elements  

          Size: L 95 X W86 X H113 CM

Colours: View colour options.



Automatic Massages

Massage Types

Rolling Massage to a massage session.

Personalise the massage with the width and height adjustments and the massage heads will roll over your back muscles creating an excellent calming effect.

This technique is the essence of shiatsu, and it`s a perfect introduction

Tapping Massage

With this kind of massage, your back will enjoy a stimulating treatment thanks to the tapping action of the massage rollers.


Kneading Massage
On activating this programme, the rollers simulate
the hands of a professional masseur to perfection, performing a kneading massage with a host of benefits.


Complete Massage
This blend of massages has been developed exclusively
by KEYTON and combines the Kneading and Tapping Massages. You can find out about the benefits of each massage by consulting their individual sections.


Floating Massage
This massage is based on pulsations of varying intensity controlled
by the "Floating" system. It improves the circulation of blood to the muscles and calves.


3D Leg Massage
A 3D system involving the calf muscles to faithfully reproduce the techniques
and movements of the hand of a professional masseur.


SensorScan® MassageTry the 1st massage chair that identifies and meets the needs of your back.Within 40 seconds, it gathers information on 62 points of your back and provides a customised massage.It performs up to 35 different types of massage, and identifies the needs of your back at each particular moment in time.


Seat Massage
"Floating" massage system
with 3 speeds. It improves circulation in the legs and lymphatic drainage,providing your legs with a pleasant feeling of lightness.


By selecting this predefined programme, the pressure of the
massage increases as it covers all the points of the back to achieve a de-stressing effect.


This programme is the most recommended for daily maintenance and muscular


This programme is ideal in preparation for a night’s rest.
It stimulates the points necessary to remove the sensation of tiredness and achieve perfect relaxation. Using this before going to bed leads to restorative sleep that leaves you feeling better the following day


Neck & Shoulders
This programme is targeted at the neck area, providing relief to the muscular
load and removing accumulated tension in the cervical zone.


Lumbar Area
This programme has been programmed for deep relaxation
of the lower back area. It is especially recommended for those persons that spend long periods sitting down.



This is the ideal programme for people that are accustomed to receiving massage sessions. It uses a high intensity of massage pressure, perfect for those who practice a lot of sport or have a strong muscular build. We especially recommend using this after a sports session.

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