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“Urgent - Rent massage chairs and beds from only £195 per month
Inquire now”
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Re: Chairs and Beds

Vibrating and massage chairs have been around for a long time, usually coming from the USA, so when I was asked to try out the HBR Massage chairs and Mattress I was rather sceptical about their claim to improve tension and stiffness, breathing, posture and blood circulation.

Having lain in a very comfortable Tokio 2008 Massage Chair for a few minutes I started to feel the benefits. It was heated and it had a roller device, which slowly rolled along the length of the spine producing a gentle but firm extension at each segment. I noticed quickly, which of my spinal segments were stiff and painful as it repeated cycle and they actually seemed to become less stiff with the repetition as with the Maitland principle.

The chair will also produce a vibration and tapping motion in its cycle which seemed to be less effective, but nevertheless most pleasant and relaxing.

I then tried the portable Massage Mattress on which I lay supine and which had the warmth and rolling motion along the spinal column. The mattress folded in half and could be moved from treatment couch and carried elsewhere.

Whilst these products may have no direct use in hospital departments, they could be most beneficial in health and occupational rest rooms and did appear to be producing an effective movement of the individual vertebrae.

Alison Leighton (MCSP SRP)

RE: Keyton Massage Chair

The chair is fantastic and that's the verdict of the whole family (not just me!)
We're using it for leisure - we're currently developing a garden so often have aches & pains and feel a bit weary by the end of the day. A 20 minute massage in the chair before bed and I can honestly say I have never slept so well!

I first tried a demo model about 20 years ago when it was displayed at the BBC Food and Drink exhibition at the NEC, and I was so impressed that it's been on my 'wish list' ever since. My only regret is that we didn't splash out years ago! Still better late than never.

Practical information for anyone buying would be to carefully consider where they want to keep it - it's so heavy my husband and I couldn't lift it between us, so had to get a removal firm in to carry it upstairs! It was a good job I wasn't in on my own when it was delivered as the one delivery driver and I could not have managed it. Also the box it comes in is wider than an average size front door so we had to unpack it outside!

Thanks for enquiring - all in all we're very impressed!

Kind regards,

Re: ST Massage bed

My back, shoulder and neck pain have improved a huge amount and my husband uses the machine regularly to keep his back mobile particularly when he is doing any excess activity.

The machine was expensive but will pay for itself in coming years as we will not need to use therapists as we have done in the past.


Re: ST Massage Bed

I have had an on going bad back problem all my life due to falls and wear and tear doing heavy work with horses falling off, lifting bales and ramps. I have arthritis of the neck and four years ago dislocated my shoulder, I am fifty seven years old and have used good osteopaths for years until I came across these massage beds on offer at Badminton Horse trials in the beginning of May this year. I hired one for three months and have never looked back. On research HBR4U are selling them very competitively so have purchased one. I use it most days before or after mucking out the horses also if I do some gardening then I will go and chill out on it. I have been so bad some times I have it on the floor as I find it quite difficult to sit up on a flat bed when
I am on a bad session so if it is on the floor I just roll off. when finished.

It will keep me supple and upright and should be an absolute asset in my old age .Also since having it I have hardly taken any pain killers or anti inflammatory which I had had on repeat prescription. I can highly recommend one as an aid to keeping one supple and free in ones movement. Instead of looking and feeling like a decrepit old woman. Which is were I was heading fast.

If only my mother had had one she would not have had to sleep in a chair for the last twenty years of her life.

Caroline Jones